Evolution of the pre-anaesthetic visit

11 October, 2022

Importance of the pre-anaesthetic visit

The pre-anaesthetic visit is both a regulatory and medical issue. It ensures that the anaesthetic procedure planned during the pre-anaesthetic consultation is maintained.

The purpose is to verify that there are no new elements since the anaesthetic consultation. The pre-anaesthetic visit (PAV) is the last opportunity to declare an alert regarding the next steps in the patient’s care. 

The PAV is essential to guarantee and ensure the safety of the patient. It should be completed within 24 hours prior to the procedure.

According to a survey carried out by Bow Medical among its clients, between 70 to 80% of these consultations are performed in a medical cabinet. The rest, in a real or relative emergency.

The latter is performed at the patient’s location in the facility:

  • Either in an emergency cubicle,
  • Either in the corridor of the operating theatre
  • Or in the room.

The need for accessibility to the consultation software becomes essential.

Pre-anaesthetic visit in web format

It is essential to enable this practice mobile, so BOW MEDICAL has developed a Pre Anaesthetic Visit system using WEB technology.

This new approach allows doctors to capture the information collected during the PAV regardless of their location in the hospital.

Detecting changes with one click

The PAV is now available on mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops.

While maintaining the essential functionalities for successfully completing the PAV, the web solution offers direct access to the information reported during the Pre-Anesthetic Consultation. The clarity of the display of the data provided during the Pre Anaesthetic Consultation ensures that the information that constitutes the PAV is consistent with that of the anaesthesia consultation with a single click.

Quick access to all pre-anaesthetic visits

A PAV “queue” system is available on the WEB solution, allowing users to find the scheduled interventions in a structured format.

Facilitate the transmission of data while reducing the loss of information

Thanks to a direct connection between DIANE Per-Operative module and the web portal, it is possible to enter the PAVs in real-time.

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