Our CSR Commitments

for the Benefit of All


A Responsible Company
for a More Sustainable World

At Bow Medical, we firmly believe that our success goes hand in hand with our responsibility to society and the environment.

We take pride in sharing with you our concrete actions to create a positive impact in the fields of health, environment, business ethics, and social inclusion.

Explore an overview of our CSR initiatives and commitments to our stakeholders.

Message from Our President

« The promotion of good corporate social responsibility practices, as well as the encouragement of new actions in favour of Sustainable Development Goals, through collective emulation and sharing experiences, are pillars of Bow Medical’s development.

In line with the company’s mission to improve and secure the quality of critical care, we collectively and individually take pride in our commitment to continuous improvement within this simple, universal, and voluntary framework, based on the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the progress we have measured over the past two years. I thank each employee for every daily gesture that contributes to these constant advancements. »

Pierre Touton


Our CSR Approaches

The French network of the United Nations Global Compact aims to support the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by offering a simple, universal, and voluntary framework of engagement. This engagement framework revolves around ten principles related to human rights, international labour standards, the environment, and the fight against corruption.

Being a member of the United Nations Global Compact also allows us to structure and prioritize our CSR actions around these four pillars:

Pacte Mondial Réseau France

Human Rights


Labor Standards




Fight against

Our Commitments

Engagé pour le E-Santé

Bow Medical is among the first signatories of the “Committed to e-Health” Charter, which now counts more than 390 participants.

We commit to carrying out several digital projects essential for the modernization of our healthcare system and the improvement of patient care in the health and medico-social sectors.

Engagé pour le E-Santé

We are also proud to have been selected as a member of the French industrial network “La French Fab”.

La French Fab brings together companies, economic actors, institutions, and industrial sites located in France, serving as a platform for the entire French industrial ecosystem.

Bow Medical is primarily an industry centered around Humanity

At Bow Medical, the intelligence and expertise of our collaborators are at the heart of the design and training to improve the quality of critical care. We pay special attention to their well-being.

Équilibre vie privée vie professionnelle

Work-Life Balance

Thanks to our collective agreement on working hours, employees benefit from flexible time slots, providing more flexibility and autonomy in managing their time.

To reinforce this flexibility, we have invested in means that make remote work possible for several days a week, offering greater mobility and the option to work remotely multiple days each week.

Team Cohesion

To support team cohesion, Bow Medical regularly organizes events.

At least once a year, the Employee Committee (CSE) organizes a company meal where employees can share a friendly moment over a meal and participate in sports activities.

Cohésion d'équipe

Environmental Protection

We are all concerned about climate change, which is why we have chosen to further commit to the environmental cause.

Limiting Our Consumption

  • Each employee is encouraged to undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility to contribute to reducing our environmental footprint.
  • Since 2019, we no longer use disposable cutlery and glasses. We encourage our employees to print in black and white and double-sided by default and not to print systematically.
  • To limit our paper consumption, we have embarked on a dematerialization process: electronic signatures (contracts, addendums, etc.), pay stubs, expense reports, restaurant cards, customer invoices, etc.

Transport Policy

  • While promoting telecommuting, some active employees use cars for their commute.
  • Therefore, we encourage our employees to use alternative modes of transportation to individual cars and raise awareness and involve them in the process.
  • Moreover, for our itinerant employees, a fleet of company vehicles has been established, mainly consisting of hybrid vehicles, allowing us to limit CO2 emissions.
  • 75% of our fleet consists of hybrid vehicles.

Waste Management

  • Waste management is a major challenge for environmental sustainability.
  • Therefore, Bow Medical acts for waste prevention and recycling. Internally, we limit our waste production and favour recycling: sorting bins are available on our premises.

Recycling and Integration of Disabled Individuals

Les bouchons d'amour

Since 2021, we have taken the initiative to collect beverage caps for the “Les Bouchons d’Amours” Association.

This association recycles, collects, transports, sorts, and ships plastic caps and lids to a recycler or recycling company.

The proceeds from the sale of these caps are used to finance the acquisition of equipment for people with disabilities and occasionally for humanitarian actions in France and abroad.

Logo Elise

To recycle our obsolete computer equipment, we collaborate occasionally with ELISE, a company that specializes in collection and recycling.

Through this collaboration, we contribute to providing stable employment to people with disabilities and/or in rehabilitation.

A notable example of our commitment in March 2022 was the decluttering and organization of the premises in Villers-lès-Nancy.

Fight against Corruption and Cyber Attacks

Charte anti-corruption

Anti-Corruption Charter

In May 2022, we drafted an Anti-Corruption Charter. This charter aims to serve as a reference to guide Bow Medical employees in identifying situations related to corruption or influence trafficking in their daily activities.

It also defines the behaviour to adopt in these situations.

Sécurité de l'information

Information Security

To strengthen security at Bow Medical, we have implemented an IT Charter and an Administrator Charter.

These charters define the general principles of using information systems available to users in the context of their professional activity. Additionally, we regularly organize cybersecurity awareness actions for all our employees.

Improving and Securing the Critical Care of Tomorrow

Bow Medical has been developing software solutions for critical care for over 20 years.

The Diane software suites help healthcare professionals gather precise and secure data from medical devices and patient information. Thus, they can focus on patient care and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks while securing the patient’s journey.

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