Intensive Care
Diane Nicu

Nicus specialize in the care of premature neonates, particularly those born with respiratory, infectious, neurological, metabolic, or congenital disorders.

Preventing errors in manual medication orders is crucial to protecting neonatal safety.

Diane Nicu was developed specifically for Nicus and Picus.

Ensuring the security of all neonatal care processes

Logipren is a medication order assistance software tool designed by neonatologists and paediatricians and built around a proprietary database (reference thesaurus and validated protocols).

Diane Nicu, in partnership with Logipren, offers a comprehensive solution to ensuring the security for all neonate care processes.
From the patient journey and medication order to drug preparation and administration, feeding, and parenteral nutrition, Diane Nicu has everything covered.


Easy to use

User-friendly interface


Engineered for Nicu teams

Electronic medication orders; regular collection of neonate weight data; monitoring of invasive medical devices.



Integration of new features; updates with the latest guidelines; customizable forms.



The integration of Logipren ensures the security of all neonate care processes.



Retrieve vital signs from biomedical devices and integrate data from the Aims, Pnc and Pao modules



Diane Nicu is a -marked medical device.

Prevent Dosage Errors

Neonates often require medication in doses tailored to their specific weight, gestational age, and health status.

Manual medication orders can lead to calculation, transcription, or measurement errors that in turn resulting in medication dosage errors.

These errors can have serious consequences for the health of neonates.


Electronic Medication Orders

To minimize these risks, Diane Nicu and Logipren enable healthcare facilities to create electronic medication orders and thereby:

  • Increase medication order accuracy
  • Reduce transcription errors
  • Improve communication among medical staff

Diane Nicu further increases neonatal safety by providing dosage reminders, information on drug interactions, and easy access to a neonate’s medication history.

Monitoring of Invasive Medical Devices

The neonate body diagram enables staff to position and monitor all types of invasive medical device to ensure optimal sharing of information and flexible and adaptable follow-up scheduling.

This monitoring method improves infection risk anticipation, provides excellent visualization of fluid outputs, and promotes proper fluid balance management.


Regular Neonate Weight Measurements

Diane Nicu enables neonate weight measurements to be collected at regular intervals and automatically constructs growth curves so that staff can optimize neonatal nutrition and ensure these fragile patients reach an adequate weight .

Automatic Data Recording

Data from medical devices, such as monitors and ventilators, are automatically recorded and integrated into each neonate’s electronic monitoring record for easier analysis of each clinical situation and better anticipation and coordination of medical care.

Diane Nicu works seamlessly with the entire Diane software suite

Diane Nicu is designed for use in operating theatres, Icus, and delivery rooms.

Diane Poa

Computerized preoperative assessment management module

Diane Aims

The essential electronic anaesthetic record module for secure monitoring in operating theatres

Diane Icu

Efficient ICU management

Diane Resus

Designed for emergency department staff and acute patients

Diane Nicu

Ensures the security of all neonatal intensive care unit processes

Diane Pnc

Secure monitoring of women and children during childbirth

Improving and Securing the Critical Care of Tomorrow

Bow Medical has been developing software solutions for critical care for over 20 years.

Its Diane software suite helps healthcare professionals who specialize in anaesthesia, intensive care and obstetrics to collect accurate, secure data from medical devices and EPRs so that they can focus more on care and less on administrative tasks whilst ensuring data security throughout each patient’s stay.

Bow Medical harnesses the completeness and accuracy of its software solutions to develop modules that are tailored to the needs of critical care staff. Its Diane Nicu module enable the integration of the Logipren software tool.

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