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Based on proprietary drug database and validated protocols, Logipren e-prescription software (Computerised Physician Order Entry & Clinical Decision Support) offers complete security of all processes related to patient care in Neonatology and Pediatric intensive care units, from prescription to administration, including the preparation of medicines, milks and parental nutrition bags

Protecting Babies’ health

The main benefits of the Logipren e-prescribing software include:

  • Reduction in medical errors and associated costs to society
  • Improved patient care and improved health outcomes
  • Workflow efficiency, time saving and improved compliance with prescribing guidelines
  • Improved record keeping and documentation


Our alliance with Logipren:

We focus our efforts to provide a healing and safe environment, for that reason we made a strategic alliance with Logipren the gold standard for electronic prescription software for neonates. This alliance allows Bow Medical to offer on top of our existing solutions, a tool to manage the nutrition and prescription of newborn and children in a safety and secure way, with one final goal, save lives.


A prescription software for drugs and parenteral nutrition with CE marking.


A community about neonatal therapeutics.

Self Assess

Results comparing care practices.


A database for research projects on medication and nutrition in neonatology.

About Logipren

Logiprem-F was founded in 2011 by paediatrician neonatologists. Their goal was to secure the prescriptions in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs), units in which the rate of medication errors is the highest of all hospital units. In 2014, an initial prototype of the Logipren software was tested, which was subsequently extended to neonatal nutrition prescriptions. The Logipren software is now on the market and a version dedicated to Paediatric Intensive Care Units (PICUs) has been added. 

It is now used in more than 60 NICUs and PICUs in France. In addition to the software, a prescription database used for research on drugs has been created, along with a scientific committee and a users’ community. 


Simple, reliable and efficient prescription

A patented drugs database adapted to  the patient’s characteristics (Gestational age, Postnatal age, Daily weight, Indications)

No manual computation (both for prescription and preparation modalities)

Prescription of parenteral nutrition linked to the drugs prescription.

Validation by the pharmacist

Secured by specific alerts for NICU and PICU

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