and Secure Perinatal Care
Diane Pnc

Monitoring the progress of mothers and babies during delivery is a complex process that requires specialized skills and knowledge.

Childbirth is a crucial event in the life of a woman and her child and is one that requires special attention and rigorous monitoring.

Supporting women and their babies in the delivery room is essential to ensure the well-being of both patients.
Healthcare professionals chart the progress of labour and monitor the vital signs of both the mother and her soon-to-be-born child.

This makes it possible to quickly identify potential problems and intervene as necessary.

Ensuring that both mother and child are healthy and safe during and after childbirth

Diane Pnc is a dedicated tool for monitoring labour in the delivery rooms and in operating theatres in the case of C-sections. Because it covers obstetric, anaesthetic, and neonatal care, communication amongst all specialities present during delivery is optimized.


Labour curve management

The mother’s condition is monitored and all clinical examination information is displayed.


Designed for labour and birth

Analgesic care management; measurement of the duration of each stage of labour.



Integration of new features; updates with the latest guidelines; customizable forms.


Medication order tool

Connects to drug databases; secure medication orders tailored to each patient.


Integrated Solution

Retrieval of vital signs from biomedical devices; integration of data into your patient software.



Diane PNC is a -marked medical device.

Diane Pnc enables all maternity ward staff to share data and ensure childbirth and postpartum follow-up as well neonatal care follow-up.

Increasing the responsiveness of healthcare teams

Thanks to its effective data classification and hierarchy system, Diane Pnc reduces response times and ensures safe care of mothers and neonates.

It automatically generates childbirth reports and hospital birth certificates so that medical staff can focus on their patients.

Continuous Care Monitoring

Diane Pnc is built around a single database that is shared between your facility’s anaesthesia and obstetric departments.
Anaesthesia care provided during labour and caesarean sections can be directly accessed by obstetricians and midwives from their workstations.


Diane Pnc monitors the labour curve, displays all clinical examination information, and manages analgesic care.

In a single view practitioners can monitor:

  • Blood pressure
  • Near-real-time heart rate
  • Administered medications

Measurement of the Duration of Each Stage of Labour

Diane Pnc enable practitioners to accurately measure the stages of labour:

Stage 1: Time from the beginning of labour to full dilation.
Stage 2: Full dilation to delivery.
Stage 3: Delivery to placental expulsion.

Timers Correlated with Specific Events

Timers alert practitioners, improve team responsiveness, and are very useful as a retrospective analysis tool to improve professional practices.

The timers in Diane Pnc accurately measure membrane rupture before delivery or post-partum haemorrhage response times.


Neonate Monitoring

The role of healthcare professionals does not end at childbirth. It is equally crucial to monitor a newborn, as the first hours of a baby’s life are essential.

Paediatricians and midwives closely monitor neonates to detect any signs of distress or illness and ensure that they are breathing correctly, have a stable heart rate, and a normal temperature.

Medication Order Tool

Medication orders must be accurate, strictly controlled, and take into account contraindications, allergies, and interactions.

Computerized medication orders reduce the risk overdose, drug interactions, and reading errors.

Connection to drug databases and a possible direct link with local teratogen reference centres make it possible to issue safe medication orders personalized to each patient.

Monitoring the progress of mothers and newborns during delivery is an essential part of maternity care. Diane Pnc complements the Diane software platform for anaesthesia and neonatology in the management of high-risk pregnancies.

Diane Pnc works seamlessly with the entire Diane software suite

Diane Pnc is designed for use in operating theatres, ICUs, delivery rooms, and outpatient clinics for comprehensive anaesthesia monitoring.

Diane Poa

Computerized preoperative assessment management module

Diane Aims

The essential electronic anaesthetic record module for secure monitoring in operating theatres

Diane Icu

Efficient ICU management

Diane Resus

Designed for emergency department staff and acute patients

Diane Nicu

Ensures the security of all neonatal intensive care unit processes

Diane Pnc

Secure monitoring of women and children during childbirth

Improving and Securing the Critical Care of Tomorrow

Bow Medical has been developing software solutions for critical care for over 20 years.

Its Diane software suite helps healthcare professionals who specialize in anaesthesia, intensive care and obstetrics to collect accurate, secure data from medical devices and EPRs so that they can focus more on care and less on administrative tasks whilst ensuring data security throughout each patient’s stay.

Diane Pnc integrates the comprehensiveness and accuracy of Bow Medical’s flagship solutions.

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