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your intensive care unit
Diane Icu

Diane Icu allows data to be shared by all the health care providers within the same intensive care unit through a collaborative space where everyone, depending on their level of accreditation, will identify or file useful information for the care of the patient.

The complexity of the treatments required by patients in intensive care, critical care, and continuous care units generates considerable volumes of data.

These data are influenced by a number of patients parameters, such as age, morphology, and conditions. Around 8,000 data points are collected daily per patient.

Implementing a dedicated Clinical Information System (CIS) within a critical care setting is the answer to collecting through medical information, tracking medication orders, adhering to patient confidentiality, ensuring medical record security, and optimizing patient care.

Diane Icu provides all ICU staff with a collaborative space where they can share patient data with one another. Depending on their permission level, staff can read or enter information for the care of the patient.



Currently used for more than 1,150 ICU beds.



Designed to combine 80% of manual data-entry operations into a single process.



Pilot critical care process.



Interfaces with more than 500 commercial medical devices.


Rules Engine

Architecture built around a protocol library and a rules engine.


Approved Medical Device

The Diane Icu medication order engine is a -marked medical device manufactured pursuant to European Medical Device Directive (Council Directive 93/42/EEC).

Increase the Responsiveness of your Medical Staff

Diane Icu provides a holistic view of your ICU. With just a click on the dashboard your staff can access patient records from any workstation in your ICU. It automatically transfers data from one computer to another, eliminating the need for manual copying and making it easier to generate reports.

Improve patient care

Diane Icu unburdens caregivers from time-consuming administrative tasks so they can focus on caring for their patients.
It automatically manages fluid balances and dilutions and aids if interfaced with the billing software.

Diane Icu also completely eliminates the need for paper charts, ensuring more effective management of patients’ medical data.

Bow Medical regularly adds to its already extensive library of drivers medical devices used in critical care units. All data sent back by patient monitors, respirators, infusion pumps, blood gas analysers, CPB machines and other devices are collected in real time, then structured and displayed graphically in various ways.
Diane Icu currently supports more than 500 medical devices.

Continuous Care Monitoring

Diane Icu is built around a single database that is shared among your anaesthesia critical care departments. This database is updated in real time, ensuring that information entered in one record is automatically updated in the other.

To guarantee patient safety and the reliability of care, Diane Icu is designed with an offline-first architecture that allows it to function even when there is no internet connection. Patient records can be accessed and edited simultaneously on multiple workstations provided the LAN remains unaffected by an outage.

Logiciel Diane Rea

Improve the efficiency of patient monitoring

All laboratory results are integrated automatically in Diane Icu.

A patient’s entire results can be displayed graphically as curves with adjustable time scales. Each view enables caregivers to analyze data from various sources (lab, medical devices, drugs) and assess patient’s overall conditions.

A customizable care plan

Each department can model its virtual workspace according to its speciality and specific protocols to ensure a fast-learning curve.

The dedicated rules engine further increases the security of the care plan, especially when changes are required to clinical duties, by enabling caregivers to document and adjust procedures and the duties.

This documentation, which reflects actual clinical situations, ensures a reliable record for assessment

Logiciel Diane Rea
Logiciel Diane Rea

A complete medication order tool

Diane Icu integrates a medication order engine that fits caregivers’ need for responsiveness and efficiency.

The electronic medication order engine, which is built using your ICU’s specific protocols, reduces the risk of drug errors such as overdoses, contraindications, drug interactions, and reading errors.

The single-screen display enables physicians to quickly assess a patient’s condition and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Diane Poa

Computerized preoperative assessment management module

Diane Aims

The essential electronic anaesthetic record module for secure monitoring in operating theatres

Diane Icu

Efficient ICU management

Diane Resus

Designed for emergency department staff and acute patients

Diane Nicu

Ensures the security of all neonatal intensive care unit processes

Diane Pnc

Secure monitoring of women and children during childbirth

Improving and Securing the Critical Care of Tomorrow

Bow Medical has been developing software solutions for critical care management for over 20 years.

The Diane software suite helps healthcare professionals collect accurate, secure data from medical devices and electronic patient records so that they can focus more on care and less on administrative tasks whilst ensuring data security throughout each patient’s stay.

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