Modular Resuscitation Emergency Care

Management Solution for Healthcare Professionals
Diane Resus

Lying at the intersection of the emergency department, the operating theatre and the ICU, Diane Resus facilitates treatment of the most seriously ill or injured patients under the safest conditions.

Optimal Coordination in Critical Care Management

Access to clear information is crucial in critical care settings. Diane Resus intuitive and functional dashboard displays key medical information, such as allergies, timers for tracking various stages of patient care, and laboratory results.

Diane Resus Adapts to Your Practices and Organizational Structure

The initial phase of critical emergency care is often carried out in resuscitation areas in close collaboration with operating theatres and ICUs. Informational continuity of care is therefore a major concern.
Thanks to its single database and its ability to accommodate all critical care specialities, Diane Resus ensures informational continuity so that patients receive the care they need.
The information contained in Diane Resus can be accessed from any computer on your network.

Diane Resus Simplifies and Speeds Up Data Entry for the Benefit of Your Patients

Creating a patient’s emergency record takes just a few clicks and is automatically linked to the patient’s stay when their patient record is created. Diane Resus supports emergency care protocols and features a simple yet intuitive treatment administration module so that healthcare providers can deliver the best patient care.
When a patient is discharged from emergency, their medical data and reports are accessible from all the other Diane modules and their patient record.



Intuitive dashboard


Specialized ECM Software

Intuitive and functional dashboard that highlights key medical information: allergies, care timers, laboratory results



Integration of new features; updates with the latest guidelines; customizable forms.


Enhanced Care

Suggestion of emergency care protocols; simple and intuitive treatment administration module


Integrated Solution

Retrieval of data from biomedical devices; integration of data into your patient software; continuity of information and patient care



Diane ECM is a -marked medical device

Diane Resus Retrieves Data from Biomedical Devices

Bow Medical has developed a proprietary library of over 500 drivers that retrieve real-time data from biomedical devices.
Diane Resus displays vital signs captured by monitors, ventilators, syringe pumps, and other devices.
Any biomedical device of any type can be connected instantly.

Diane Resus supports healthcare teams in providing specialized intensive care to trauma patients.


Specialized Follow-Up

Resus areas are equipped with devices to administer vasoactive agents to maintain adequate blood pressure and improve tissue perfusion.
All this data is displayed on a dedicated dashboard specially designed in collaboration with medical teams and optimized to allow healthcare teams to view information without leaving the patient’s bedside.

Access to Specialized Treatments

Resus areas are often located near ICUs, cardiology departments, and other specialized hospital departments
Diane Resus suggests emergency care protocols and features a simple yet intuitive treatment administration module to enable healthcare providers to deliver the best in patient care.

Management of Medication Orders and Care Plans

Diane Resus enables teams to quickly access emergency surgery, coronary angioplasty, and other additional specialized treatments whenever the need arises.

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Management of Multidisciplinary Medical Teams

Resus areas are managed by multidisciplinary medical teams made up of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who are trained to care for trauma patients.
These teams work collaboratively to assess and treat patients quickly and effectively.

The Diane module works seamlessly with the entire Diane software suite

Diane Resus is designed for use in operating theatres, ICUs, and delivery rooms.

Diane Poa

Computerized preoperative assessment management module

Diane Aims

The essential electronic anaesthetic record module for secure monitoring in operating theatres

Diane Icu

Efficient ICU management

Diane Resus

Designed for emergency department staff and acute patients

Diane Nicu

Ensures the security of all neonatal intensive care unit processes

Diane Pnc

Secure monitoring of women and children during childbirth

Improving and Securing the Critical Care of Tomorrow

Bow Medical has been developing software solutions for critical care for over 20 years.

Its Diane software suite helps healthcare professionals who specialize in anaesthesia, intensive care and obstetrics to collect accurate, secure data from medical devices and EPRs so that they can focus more on care and less on administrative tasks whilst ensuring data security throughout each patient’s stay.

Diane Resus integrates the comprehensiveness and accuracy of Bow Medical’s flagship solutions.

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