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Operating theatres are high-stress environments where every move counts. Staying focussed and making the right decisions during the administration of anaesthesia are a challenge, particularly as a patient’s condition can change within seconds, it’s always challenging to stay focused and make the right decisions during the anaesthesia phase, where the patient’s condition is constantly evolving.

It is therefore vital to:

  • Monitor the status of patients in real time.
  • Have an accurate view of patient
  • Quickly generate operation notes to ensure continuity of patient care.

The solution to this challenge is Diane Aims (Anaesthesia Information Management System), an advanced yet simple solution that digitizes anaesthesia records for use in operating theatres.

Developed by Bow Medical in partnership with anaesthetists, Diane Aims retrieves all data collected during preoperative assessment (Poa) appointments so that they can consistently track their patients’ progress throughout the anaesthesia experience.

Diane Aims uses advanced methods to manage anaesthesia protocols.
The speed of data entry and adaptability of the protocols enable healthcare providers to optimize patient care so that anaesthetists can focus on patient care rather than paperwork.

Diane Aims also facilitates post-intervention recovery room monitoring.

Tracking a patient’s functional and physiological status is easy with just a few clicks.
Patient discharge can be contingent on the Aldrete score or VAS score.
Real-time monitoring is intuitively available.


Easy to use

User-friendly interface.
Prescription-assistance software.


Engineered for anaesthetists

Real-time display of monitoring data.
Management of anaesthesia protocols.
Direct integration of Poa data.



Integration of new features; updates with the latest guidelines; customizable forms.


Post-Operative Recovery Monitoring

Automated discharge validation and Aldrete score calculation.



Retrieve vital signs from biomedical devices and integrate data.



Diane Aims is a -marked medical device.

Diane Aims: a Fully Integrated Solution for Anaesthetists

Diane Aims interfaces with all the medical devices at a healthcare facility during the perioperative period.

Bow Medical has developed and maintains a library of over 500 drivers for quick and easy integration of our solutions with biomedical devices.

This affords healthcare facilities great flexibility and speed in deploying Diane Aims.
Real-time data collection provides anaesthetists with vital information to make the right decisions.

A decision support engine is also available to deliver the safest patient care.

Interface logiciel Diane Consult

Enhanced Continuous Care Monitoring

Diane Aims is built around a single database that is shared between your facility’s anaesthesia and Icu departments.

This database is updated in real time, ensuring that that information entered in one record is automatically updated in the other.

To guarantee patient safety and the reliability of care, Diane Aims is designed with an offline-first architecture that allows it to function even when there is no internet connection.

Patient records can be accessed and edited simultaneously on multiple workstations.
All these features increase the efficiency and responsiveness of healthcare teams.

Diane Aims also includes a query engine for running statistical analyses and generating pre- and postoperative reports.
The certified health hosting allows Diane Aims to be accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

Easy to use Interface and Intuitive Navigation

Diane Aims features a streamlined interface that makes navigating between the perioperative and postoperative periods easy. Healthcare staff quickly learn how to use it and gain in efficiency.

Improved management of recovery room workflows is optimized through real-time graphical visualization of bed availability.

Interface du logiciel Diane Consult, logiciel d'anesthésie
Travail en équipe Diane Consult

Enhancing Patient Care

Diane Aims is optimized to provide rapid, effective patient care.

In one click users can select anaesthesia, surgical, and injection events from a range of protocols that can be configured by users, teams, and departments.

Going Paperless

Diane Aims includes tools that facilitate medical record management and patient care. It also generates all the clinical documents related to each patient.

The print engine automates the generation of reports and prescriptions.
All this documentation is written to patients’ records.

Diane Aims Works Seamlessly with the Entire Diane Software Suite

Diane Aims is a comprehensive anaesthesia management module designed to be used in operating theatres, recovery rooms, delivery rooms, and in outpatient settings.

Diane Poa

Computerized preoperative assessment management module

Diane Aims

The essential electronic anaesthetic record module for secure monitoring in operating theatres

Diane Icu

Efficient ICU management

Diane Resus

Designed for emergency department staff and acute patients

Diane Nicu

Ensures the security of all neonatal intensive care unit processes

Diane Pnc

Secure monitoring of women and children during childbirth

Improving and Securing the Critical Care of Tomorrow

Bow Medical has been developing software solutions for critical care management for over 20 years.

The Diane software suite helps healthcare professionals collect accurate, secure data from medical devices and electronic patient records so that they can focus more on care and less on administrative tasks whilst ensuring data security throughout each patient’s stay.

Diane Aims provides advanced management of anaesthesia protocols. Its live dashboard is easy to read in operating theatres and enables real-time monitoring for optimal patient care.

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