The solution

for facing the challenges
of anesthesia.

DIANE ANESTHESIA realizes the main functions of a computerized sheet of anesthesia.

DIANE ANESTHESIA brings all the features to replace and enhanced manual records.

In a stressful environment where every action count, it sometimes difficult to stay focused and make the right decisions during the anesthesia phase as the patient’s condition is continuously changing.

It is therefore imperative to:

  • Monitor patient status information in real-time.
  • Reflect the accuracy of the overall care.
  • Generate quickly the documentation related to the intervention to ensure the continuity of the patient journey.

Designed for doctors and nurses, DIANE software suite has become the primary reference over the last 20 years. Deployed in 2,800 surgery rooms, our solution addresses the challenges faced daily by the surgery room staff.

Facilitate and simplify the clinical procedures.

DIANE ANESTHESIA is a flexible and fully customizable solution to configure any specific process in any ward.

Deployed in more than 2800 operating rooms.

Designed to optimize
80% of seizures in one

Setting up user interface
according caregivers’

Interfaced with
more than 410
medical devices.

Architecture around
a complete rules and
protocols library.


prescription engine is certified as medical device, manufactured in the sense of the Directive 93/42/EEC.

A medical care
for prior, perioperative and post-surgery

DIANE ANESTHESIA covers all phases of the patient journey from:
• Appointment management through the pre-anesthetic’s visit until post-surgery
• The postoperative surgery phase includes SSPI as well as follow-up in intensive care

DIANE ANESTHESIA can interface with calendar and scheduling management software available on the market. To better meet the needs of anesthetists, a quick admission mode allows the data entry during the pre-anesthetic visit.

During the perioperative phase, DIANE ANESTHESIA is connected with all the medical devices.

The real-time data collection will provide to the anesthetist vital information necessary to make crucial decisions.

Monitor care continuously.

DIANE ANESTHESIA relies on a unique database for anesthesia and intensive care unit. That feature ensures the data continuity from the digital ICU record to the anesthesia record.

During a network failure, the DIANE ANESTHESIA architecture works in offline mode from its database, for maximizing the reliability and the security.
The patient recording file can be accessed and modified from several workstations simultaneously until the local network is operational.

Thanks to the driver’s library allowing a native interconnection with all the medical devices available on the market (fans, push syringe, monitor), DIANE ANESTHESIA collects the data in real-time, improving the data management. The caregivers become more efficient and more responsive. DIANE ANESTHESIA also supports a query engine for statistical and reporting analysis.

user interface.

We implemented a unique interface to ease the usage of the software by caregivers along the different phases of the patient journey.

Vacancies or occupied beds are displayed graphically and navigation from one bed to another is simple. These features are improving the overall management of the recovery room.

administrative tasks.

DIANE ANESTHESIA integrates tools facilitating the patient medical record and the patient Media care.
With a print engine, a quick entry module, or preconfigured favorites tools, DIANE ANESTHESIA ensures easy documentation during the different phases of the medical record, from the first appointment to the exit of the patient.

The print engine automates and accelerates the reports.

patient care during the perioperative

DIANE ANESTHESIA interfaces to more than 70 different software vendors, including other modules from Bow Medical.

As soon as the anesthesia assessment ends, it is possible to start the patient follow-up process by a simple contextual call from our “AMBUCARE” tracking solution. During all the patient survey period, the data are exchanged daily between the hospital and the patient. AMBUCARE collects all information such as (appointment, prescriptions, reports, care plan).

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