Efficient management of the intensive care unit and its benefits

10 July, 2024

Intensive care units face constant challenges in optimising patient care.

Diane Icu emerges as an innovative and essential solution to improve the management and care of patients in these complex environments.

What is Diane ICU?

Diane Icu is a software designed to facilitate the sharing and management of medical data within intensive care, resuscitation, and continuous care units. This software, developed by Bow Medical, allows all healthcare professionals to access a collaborative platform where patient information can be recorded or retrieved based on accreditation levels.

Benefits for healthcare facilities

Optimisation of patient care

Increased efficiency: With Diane Icu, healthcare professionals can focus more on patient care rather than administrative tasks. Data such as patient age, morphology, and pathologies are collected and structured automatically, enabling quick and informed decision-making.

Global visualisation

The software allows for a global visualisation of the resuscitation and intensive care service. Medical records are accessible from multiple workstations within the same service, improving the responsiveness and coordination of care teams.

Data and prescription security

Confidentiality and security: Diane Icu ensures the confidentiality and security of medical records. The traceability of prescriptions and the security of medical information are guaranteed, which is crucial for compliance with regulations and the protection of patient data.

Risk reduction: Diane Icu’s prescription engine helps reduce the risks of overdoses, drug interactions, and reading errors. This enables safer and faster patient care by the physician.

Extended compatibility with biomedical equipment

Diane is compatible with a wide range of medical devices, including but not limited to monitors, ventilators, syringe pumps, infusion stations, hemofiltration devices, and haemodynamic monitoring monitors.

With over 500 biomedical equipment drivers, Diane offers remarkable flexibility to integrate various types of devices in healthcare facilities, allowing for efficient centralisation of medical data.

Bow Medical develops its own drivers, facilitating the deployment and installation of Diane within healthcare facilities.

Continuity of care: Diane Icu’s unique and common database ensures data continuity between anaesthesia and resuscitation services, thereby improving care coordination and quality.

The secure prescription tool

Our ergonomic prescription engine meets the needs of continuous speed and adaptation inherent in resuscitation care.

Based on service protocols, computerised prescribing reduces risks (overdoses, contraindications, drug interactions, reading errors, etc.).

Displaying in a single area provides a global view of the care plan as well as resuscitation events for faster physician management.

Automated management

The software handles tasks such as automatic balance management and automated PMSI coding, further reducing the administrative burden.

Diane Icu represents a major advancement for healthcare facilities, particularly in intensive care and resuscitation units.

By optimising the management of medical data and improving the responsiveness and safety of care, this software allows healthcare professionals to focus on their primary mission: providing the best possible care for patients.

About Bow Medical

Bow Medical is a leading European company specializing in software for critical care.
For over 20 years, Bow Medical has been designing the Diane software platform to improve and secure critical care in anaesthesia and intensive care.
The provision of software solutions for critical care management is a specific segment of the patient record that requires strong industry expertise.
Its digitization brings added value focused on performance, reliability, security, and time optimization.
More than 450 hospitals and clinics use our software daily, with 5 million anaesthesia consultations per year performed in Diane Poa (approximately 70% of computerized consultations in France).

Over 3,000 operating rooms are equipped with Diane Aims, and more than 1,200 intensive care beds facilitate patient care through Diane Icu.

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