DIANE is a software suite dedicated to ICU in the healthcare field. Several modules are available to ensure a complete and secure follow-up of patients while being adapted to the needs of caregivers:


DIANE anaesthesia allows the follow-up of patients from the anaesthesia consultation to the post-interventional monitoring room via the intra-operative ward.


DIANE ICU allows the follow-up of patients in the intensive care unit and in continuous care.


DIANE OB-GYN provides follow-up of patients and newborns in ob-gyn as well as follow-up of women in gynaecology and orthopaedics.

This manual covers the functions of all the modules  to make it easier for users to get to grips with them.

The user manual can be accessed via the F1 key on your keyboard. The help is designed to directly access the chapter of the manual corresponding to the tab you are in.

DIANE is a configurable software suite. It is therefore possible that the presentation, the tabs and the components are arranged differently.

This manual will allow you to see the different entry modes as well as the particularities related to each module.

4.1 Manuel utilisateur complet Version 4.7.5 (FR)

4.1 User manual short version with CIM10_ (EN) V1

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