Bow Medical and AiScreenings Announce Innovative Partnership to Enhance Patient Care in Intensive Care Units

20 June, 2024

Paris, June 6, 2024 – Bow Medical, a leading European provider of critical care software solutions, and AiScreenings, a pioneering company in artificial intelligence data processing, are pleased to announce a groundbreaking partnership.
This collaboration enables Bow Medical to leverage AiScreenings’ expertise in the intelligent generation of intensive care reports.

Following the successful implementation of its solutions Diane Poa, Diane Aims, and Diane Icu at the Amiens University Hospital, Bow Medical is now integrating AiScreenings’ advanced patient data analysis technology.

This partnership adds an innovative feature that benefits both patients and healthcare professionals.

Upon a patient’s admission to the intensive care unit, all medical data entered by healthcare professionals into Diane Icu is analyzed by AiScreenings’ AI engine.

The result is a detailed and relevant textual report tailored to all care team members involved in the patient’s treatment. This report can be sent and made available in the patient’s hospital record file, ensuring continuity of care across continuous care and monitoring units.

“The integration of a generative artificial intelligence tool into Diane is a major innovation. Following a successful test phase, the tool is now highly appreciated by users. Our goal in the coming months is to offer this feature to all our clients,”

Cédric Garnier, Deputy CEO and COO of Bow Medical.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Bow Medical to improve critical care. Our advanced analysis technology is designed to assist healthcare professionals by providing clear and actionable information quickly,”

Arnaud Lambert, CEO of AiScreenings.

“As a leader in artificial intelligence and generative AI, we are committed to transforming how medical data is processed and used to improve clinical outcomes and optimize patient care. This partnership with Bow Medical marks a significant step in our mission to revolutionize healthcare through the power of AI,”

Arnaud Lambert, CEO of AiScreenings.

This strengthened partnership aligns with the joint product strategy of offering users cutting-edge tools that enable the best possible patient care conditions.

About Bow Medical 

Bow Medical is a leading European company specializing in software for critical care. For over 20 years, Bow Medical has been designing the Diane software platform to improve and secure critical care in anesthesia and intensive care.
The provision of software solutions for critical care management is a specific segment of the patient record that requires strong industry expertise.
Its digitization brings added value focused on performance, reliability, security, and time optimization.
More than 450 hospitals and clinics use our software daily, with 5 million anesthesia consultations per year performed in Diane Poa (approximately 70% of computerized consultations in France). Over 3,000 operating rooms are equipped with Diane Aims, and more than 1,200 intensive care beds facilitate patient care through Diane Icu.

About AiScreenings 

AiScreenings is a leading company specializing in data processing using artificial intelligence and generative AI.
With innovative solutions, AiScreenings transforms how data is analyzed and used, bringing significant benefits to the healthcare sector and beyond. AiScreenings is ISO13485 certified and holds two AI-based diagnostic medical devices in ophthalmology and dermatology, as well as three patents in healthy retina recognition, retinal biometrics, and confidential computing processing.

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