Bow Medical: Welcome to the “La French Fab”!

01 December, 2020

We are proud to announce that Bow Medical is now part of the French industry network of the ” La French Fab”

The La French Fab embodies the companies, economic players, institutions, and industrial sites located in France and it serves as a hub for the entire French industrial ecosystem.

The “La French Fab” is a showcase for the innovative and creative excellence of the French industry and it is a banner that unites French entrepreneurs as one team.  It is also a forum that facilitates the encounter of the high-performance companies with the innovative know-how of the startups.

Currently, France is embracing the digital age, which is emerging as an industrial power and The La French Fab is aware of these changes.

Bow Medical being a software editor is part of the digital and new technologies industry in the key sectors of medicine of the future.

As one of the core values of the French Fab, Bow Medical is committed to continuing working towards innovation and growth.

We are ready to continue representing the values of Bow Medical as well as the values of the French Fab with our partners, employees, and clients.

Thank you to the French Fab for choosing Bow Medical as part of this big network of French companies and industries that are looking forward to working together to proudly develop their industry, locally and internationally.

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