13 May, 2020

We want to thank you for all actions and commitment implemented by your establishment to face the Covid-19 crisis.
For our part, we supported 36 critical care units in the transformation of post-intervention monitoring beds into intensive care beds. We were able to adapt the Diane anesthesia solution to your new needs very quickly.

During this period of confinement, we do our best to continue to assist you remotely. Our thirty-seven employees are at your complete disposal and proud to be of service.
We improve the content of our training courses. We have integrated tutorials and produced all the documentation you need to use Diane efficiently.

We would like to keep you informed about the evolutions of
the version of DIANE in 4.7.5

In anesthesia, you now have a pre-anesthetic pre-consultation questionnaire built on the ANAMNESE intelligence engine.

MOEBIUS interprets the consultation outcomes. The software automatically generates the patient’s risk mapping and a personalized care plan leading to the harmonization of the care management by the caregivers according to the French Society of Anesthesia and Intensive care (SFAR) and to the European Society of Anesthesiologists (ESA) referential.

The patient preparation and his follow-up at home are carried out with AMBUCARE and integrated in Diane.
We interface with specific teleconsultation modules, and we can assist you in your projects, if necessary.

In intensive care, we have simplified the care plan and the prescription. Likewise, the redesign of the medical acts coding (CIM 10) and of the International classification of diseases library has led to significant advances.

  • In neonatal intensive care, we have interfaced with the LOGIPREN specialized thesaurus, the prescription, and the care plan.
    We have improved our interfaces with specific informatic patient recording and pharmacy software (list on request) and can exchange structured prescriptions with each other.

The Diane 4.7.5 version also integrates a new graphical interface for better management of the surgical approach.

We will update the current version to 4.7.5 when the activity of the intensive care units makes it possible.

We now have a Gynaecology-Obstetrics module using the same database as anesthesia and critical care. We have launched the Audipog certification process. DIANE OB-GYN allows the follow-up of pregnancies from the birth declaration to the postpartum for the mother and the newborn. It includes a partogram with an automated calculation of the different phases of labour. It allows information sharing (example with Diane anesthesia), by collecting all the information from the clinical examination as well as the prescriptions, with consistency checks.

We have integrated Anamnese, Moebius, Ambucare, and Logipren in only one workspace “Diane.” So you don’t have to navigate from one software to another.

  • To maximize your software efficiency usage, we have redesigned our training courses and develop user manuals, video tutorials, online help, medical device connection sheet. Our trainers and application engineers are at your disposal online or on-site when possible.
  • We want to remind you of the free re-training sessions intended for referents needing to deepen specific points of use, configuration, or parameter setting (calendar on request).
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