BOW Medical is a clinical software company. We develop a software solution called DIANE that enables Anaesthetists and Nurses to efficiently manage patient data. Initially dedicated to the management of the anaesthesia data only, the DIANE software suite is now also available for the management of the ICU – Intensive Care Units and CCU – Critical Care Units. DIANE can also be used by Doctors to manage their consultations, and can be easily customized to any medical or surgical specialty. With DIANE, the Anaesthetists are able to manage everything related to their patients before, during, and after the anaesthesia. Our product, always remains innovative, combines efficiency, simplicity of use and ability to interface with other applications and with biomedical devices. Despite its “Best of Breed” quality, the DIANE software suite pricing remains extremely competitive. DIANE is not simply a tool to print anaesthesia reports, it is a real workstation for the Anaesthetists, fully and easily configurable to any Doctor’s specific needs. A Web Interface allows users to view and modify the patient data from any computer within the center of care’s network.

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