More than 2800

operating rooms installed

and 1200
intensive care beds equipped

They trust in our expertise

Our dedication to providing excellent critical care is evident through the satisfaction of our clients.

We have been collaborating with well-known healthcare institutions for over 20 years, and we have received positive feedback from them. Here are some of our references that showcase the quality of our software solutions for critical care.

In France, our solutions are utilized by critical care services in two out of three Territorial Hospital Groups (GHT) and two-thirds of the University Hospital Centers (CHU). A majority of private anaesthesia offices also use our software.

Our critical care management software is now being used in several countries worldwide, including Costa Rica, Croatia, Spain, Finland, Greece, India, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Portugal.

Carte implantations

in France

CHU Lille

CHU Lille Métropole Flandre Intérieure

Bow Medical is proud to be the technological partner of the CHU Lille Métropole Flandre Intérieure, present in 5 out of 6 facilities with operating rooms. For two decades, we have been closely linked to the CHRU de Lille, supporting all of its anaesthesia consultation offices and anaesthesia sites.

CHU Amiens

CHU Amiens Picardie

The Diane software has become a cornerstone at the CHU Amiens Picardie, deployed across anaesthesia sites, intensive care beds, and Continuous Care Units (CCU). With 51 operating rooms, 57 SSPI beds, 62 intensive care beds, and 26 CCU beds, Diane contributes to the efficiency of care within this facility.

CHU de Reims

Since 2017, Bow Medical has been supporting the CHU de Reims on all of its surgical sites, with 39 operating rooms and 38 beds in SSPI. The Diane software in intensive care is deployed on 40 beds and 12 beds in the Continuous Care Unit, reinforcing the quality of care provided.

AP HP Saint Louis

AP HP Saint Louis

Since 2014, Bow Medical has been present at AP-HP Saint Louis, offering advanced solutions in anaesthesia and intensive care. Currently, Diane is operational in 16 anaesthesia rooms and 18 SSPI beds, contributing to the effective management of critical care.

CH Métropole Savoie-Chambéry

CH Métropole Savoie-Chambéry

The CH Métropole Savoie-Chambéry benefits from Diane technology in anaesthesia and intensive care. With 20 anaesthesia beds, 29 SSPI beds, and 33 intensive care beds, Diane ensures optimal care, integrated with the establishment’s EHR.

Hospices Civils de Lyon

Hospices Civils de Lyon

The Hospices Civils de Lyon are equipped with Diane on 7 separate geographical sites, with anaesthesia services and reference teams on each of them. The deployment includes 300 consultation offices, physicians, and anaesthesia secretariats. In the delivery room, Diane is present with 20 licenses for anaesthesia, 47 for induction, 140 for perop, and 197 for SSPI.

Groupe Ramsay Santé

Ramsay Santé

Group Bow Medical has been collaborating with the Ramsay Santé Group since 2004 in anaesthesia and since 2018 in intensive care. We are proud to bring our expertise to 70 clinics in the group, totaling 900 operating rooms, 1700 SSPI beds, and 300 intensive care beds. This collaboration extends to 300 consultation offices, physicians, and anaesthesia secretariats.

Groupe Saint Gatien

Saint Gatien Group

Bow Medical offers specialized IT solutions for digitizing and efficiently managing anaesthesia and intensive care records within the Saint-Gatien Group. By automating this process, Bow Medical contributes to better coordination between medical teams, optimization of anaesthesia protocols, and overall improvement of medical practices within the establishments of the Saint-Gatien Group.

Groupe Elsan

Elsan Group

Bow Medical, a partner of the Elsan Group, plays a key role in modernizing and digitizing clinics. Specialized in anaesthesia solutions, Bow Medical provides advanced software that digitizes many clinics within the group. This collaboration aims to ensure optimal management of medical data and better patient care.

Groupe Almaviva

Almaviva Group

As a strategic partner of Almaviva Santé, Bow Medical plays an essential role in the digital transformation of many clinics. This cooperation aims to modernize and optimize anaesthesia procedures, offering centralized management of medical data and promoting increased coordination among care teams.

HGO - Groupe Vyv

HGO – Vyv Group

Thanks to the alliance between HGO and Bow Medical, the Grand Ouest Hospital Group strengthens its commitment to offering high-quality health services while remaining at the forefront of medical technologies. The implementation of these IT solutions thus contributes to optimizing medical practices within the group.

CH de Valenciennes

Valenciennes Hospital

Bow Medical facilitates the digitization of anaesthesia records within the Valenciennes Hospital. Thanks to its specialized solution, the anaesthesia process is digitized, allowing for more efficient and secure patient information management. This digitization simplifies the documentation of anaesthesia interventions, promotes better communication among healthcare professionals, and contributes to the optimization of anaesthesia protocols within the Valenciennes Hospital.


Althaia Hospital (Espagne)

Althaia Hospital (Spain)

Bow Medical collaborates with Althaia Hospital in Spain, where the Diane business software is deployed in 14 anaesthesia rooms. This collaboration strengthens the effectiveness of anaesthesia procedures and contributes to the improvement of patient care.

General University Hospital of Larissa (Grèce)

General University Hospital of Larissa (Greece)

The General University Hospital of Larissa, which adopted the Diane software in anaesthesia in 10 rooms in 2022, demonstrates its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement of medical practices.

Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center (Grèce)

Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center (Greece)

Since 2023, Bow Medical has been a preferred partner of the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center. Currently, the Diane software is operational in 7 anaesthesia rooms and 36 intensive care beds, playing a crucial role in managing critical care and surgical intervention safety.

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With over 20 years of expertise, Bow Medical is a French company with international know-how. Our software solutions have digitized over 15 million stays to date.

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