Secure the monitoring

of pregnant women
and their child.

DIANE OB-GYN allows data sharing by all health professionals working in the maternity to ensure the women gynecological monitoring, the pregnancies monitoring, the childbirth, the postpartum and the baby follow up.

If pregnancies are valuable, a significant number of risk factors impacted the mother and the child from the beginning of the pregnancy such as age, weight, individual and social factors, occupational risks as well as personal medical history.

The pregnancy monitoring process therefore involves multiple health actors. It is essential to collect the data throughout pregnancy, from birth to the postpartum, to secure the care of the future mother and her child. An implementation of dedicated computing resources is, therefore, essential. To meet these issues, Bow Medical has enriched the functionality of its software platform. DIANE OB-GYN is consequently dedicated to obstetrical follow-up since the pregnancy announcement until after birth.

Facilitate information
sharing between
different services within
same obstetric unit.

with more 410
medical devices.

Designed for optimizing
80% of seizures in only
one click.

Monitoring mother
and collecting all the
Information regarding
the clinical examination.

Interfacing with other
software module like

DIANE OB-GYN prescription engine is a medical device manufactured in the sense of the Directive 93/42/EEC.


Like for anesthesia in intensive and continuous care, DIANE OB-GYN is a flexible and fully customizable solution, allowing adaptation to all clinical processes of the different departments of obstetrics and gynecology. The software allows a personalized woman and child’s follow-up.



DIANE OB-GYN allows a synthetic data visualization, such as maternal and obstetrical history, pregnancy diseases, and early-onset neonatal sepsis (EONS) risk factor. The data classification and prioritization will reduce the responsiveness time and secure medical care. A simple click from multiple workstations does the pregnancy record access. DIANE OB-GYN reduces administrative workload by limiting redundant entries and retrieving information from the patient recording file.


DIANE OB-GYN, with AMBUCARE interface, will enable to follow-up the woman outside the hospital for risk pregnancies.

Bow Medical’s software solutions will facilitate the pregnancies follow-up through dematerialized tracking with a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, computer).


DIANE OB-GYN is architecture a shared database for obstetrics and anesthesia services.

The women care done by anesthesiologists during the caesarean section is directly available to obstetricians and midwives from their workstation.

DIANE OB-GYN facilitates information sharing between different services within the same maternity unit from the first consultation to the postpartum.



DIANE OB-GYN partogram allows to monitor the mother and to visualize all the information of a clinical examination.

The software also manages analgesic support. The practitioner goes within the same reporting sheet to monitor data such as: Mother heart rate measured in near real-time, as well as drugs administered.

TMeasue the phases
of labour duration.

With DIANE OB-GYN, practitioners will be able to measure the different stages and phases of the labour accurately:

Step 1: Time between the labour onset and full dilation
Step 2: Time from full dilatation up to birth
Step 3: Childbirth until placenta expulsion

By setting up chronometers in correlation with specific events such as:

– The time length for membranes rupture
– The postpartum hemorrhage diagnosis
– The labour onset, full dilation, childbirth

The stopwatches alert practitioners and improve the responsiveness of the teams. They are also useful in conducting a retrospective analysis to improve professional practice.

It is also possible to specify targeted alerts in case of premature rupture of membranes.

A prescription

During pregnancy, medication prescription should be accurate and strictly controlled, considering contraindications, allergies, and interactions.

Numeric prescription is contributing to reduces risk (overdoses, drug interactions, misreading).

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