Technical Data

Technical Aspects of the Anaesthesia Data Management System

The DIANE application is completely independent from the hardware and can be installed on any computer running Windows on the “Client” side and on Linux, Unix or Windows machines on the “Server” side.

DIANE offers connection to the medical equipment and software interfaces with the HIS (Hospital Information System). The monitors and other machines can be connected to any serial port available. Cables or extension and connectivity cards will allow the use of a USB port instead of a serial port, to add new serial ports, and/or connect multiple machines on a single port.

  • Client side on Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Seven
  • Server side on Windows, Unix or Linux
  • RDBMS on SQL Server 7.0 or later, ORACLE 8i or later, MySQL or MS ACCESS (for standalone stations)

Possible Architectures

  • Installation on a standalone PC
  • A network architecture with database server
  • A web interface that will allow access to the consultation data and to the trend data from the intra- and postoperative phases from any computer within the center of care’s network