Medical Coverage

Features & Coverage of the Anaesthesia Data Management System

  • Coverage of the complete anaesthesia process, from the appointments management to the preanaesthetic consultation, into the operating room and the recovery room
  • Data-acquisition from all the medical equipment surrounding the patient
  • Centralised display of all the physiological information on a single screen, organised in your preferred fashion (tabular, bar graphs, plotted lines, etc.)
  • Fast and intuitive data-entry of all the events through contextual menus and lists (anaesthesia events, surgery events, drugs, consumables, custom protocols, ec.). The use of the keyboard becomes very rare.
  • Interfacing with other applications in your hospital information system (Identity server, patient record or PDMS, lab results server, operating room management systems, etc.)
  • Access rights management that will allow the administrator to grant each user specific rights
  • Independance from the medical equipment, which leaves you free to change your monitors, ventilators and other equipment
  • Possibility to enter the patient’s administrative details and his/her main medical history at the secretary desk
  • Eventhough fully configurable by the users themselves, DIANE is delivered ready to use. All the lists and menus are included, a set of intraoperative protocols and many documents and letters are also provided, but everything remains easily modifiable
  • A list of 50 pre-defined queries is available in the Statistics Module. This set satisfies requirements established by the French Anaesthesia and Resuscitation Association and covers the most important aspects to be evaluated in an anaesthesia service