Intra/Postoperative Module

The operation and the postoperative follow-up

The main ‘Surveillance’ screen is one of the important advantages of DIANE and one of the most efficient user-interface available today. This screen includes :

  • The patient and case details (additional information and all the findings from the consultation can be displayed instantaneously)
  • The physiological parameters are obtained automatically from the medical equipment surrounding the patient. Drivers are available for 280 types of equipment (ventilators, monitors, TCI Systems, Syringe-pumps, Capnographs, etc.), from important and lesser-known manufacturers
  • The drugs, maintenance fluids and fluid losses are logically displayed and very quickly entered through contextual menus
  • The events of anaesthesia and surgery, in/out staff movements in the OR, comments will appear on a marker line as colour-coded dots that you will be able to Drag & Drop to set an exact occurrence time
  • Stopwatches, with or without alarms, that can be started either automatically or manually
  • Configurable shortcut buttons that can be easily modified to adapt to each Doctor’s typical use of the system
  • Custom protocols that will enable the user to enter mutiple events at the same time
  • etc…