DIANE Software

The Anaesthesia Data Management System

DIANE is a Client/Server application that – within a single tool – will provide Doctors the 5 important functions of an Anaesthesia Data Management System :

  • Appointments management
  • Preaneasthetic consultation
  • Preoperative visit
  • Intraoperative surveillance
  • Postoperative follow-up

One of the great advantages of the Client/Server technology is the possibility to fully operate the DIANE solution when there is a network problem. All data will be automatically stored locally on the client side and automatically synchronized with the main database when the network is up again.

Useful additional features include : access to data when the case is closed, creation of statistical reports, amessaging service, the possibility of cross-station display, etc.

DIANE was designed to minimise as much as possible the use of the keyboard, with the willingness to speed-up the data-entry process through easily browsable lists, contextual and advanced use of mouse “Drag & Drop”. DIANE has an ergonomic and intuitive design; it is a fast and efficient tool, praised for its high configurability (by the users themselves) and its interfacability and easy integration within any Hospital Information System. Eventhough comprehensive and at the edge of innovation in Anaesthesia Data Management, DIANE is available at a very competitive price.

DIANE is suited for large institutions but also for smaller institutions and private clinics, thanks to its high flexibility, to its easy configurability, to the wide range of software interfaces available and to its intuitive user-interface.

As of today, more than 5430 licences have been installed or ordered in about 160 centres of care.